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美中之戰十五年內會發生— 退役美國駐歐州統帥將軍如此判斷

美中之戰十五年內會發生— 退役美國駐歐州統帥將軍如此判

US-China war very likely in 15 years, retired US general Ben Hodges tells security forum

  • The ex-general urged Europe to try more to look after its own defences because the US needed to focus on the Pacific and ‘the Chinese threat’
Associated PressAssociated PressUPDATED : 
The former commander of the US Army in Europe warned Wednesday that it is very likely the United States will be at war with China in 15 years.
Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said that European allies will have to do more to ensure their own defences in face of a resurgent Russia because American will need to focus more attention on defending its interests in the Pacific.
“The United States needs a very strong European pillar. I think in 15 years – it’s not inevitable – but it is a very strong likelihood that we will be at war with China,” Hodges told a packed room at the Warsaw Security Forum, a two-day gathering of leaders and military and political experts from central Europe.


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